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Creating an ecosystem for storage, search and retrieval of your financial documents

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How it works...

Companies face the following difficulties in working with financial documents on a day-to-day basis

Dependency on hard copies

Many companies still depend on storing hard copies of documents

Scattered document sources

Documents are present on email, Whatsapp, and local machines

Availability of documents

Storing and searching for documents is cumbersome, even for companies using cloud storage

Foldr provides a cloud based ecosystem to manage your documents

Easily manage documents from all your sources by uploading it to Foldr. Foldr identifies the date, document type and applies relevant tags

Why Foldr

Foldr provides the below features for your document storage needs:

  • Encrypted cloud storage for financial documents
  • Seamlessly share with relevant stockholders
  • Auto-tagging of date and document type

About Us

Foldr enables digital transformation in your company by collating all financial documents on a single platform in a searchable format. This allows companies to store, search, retrieve and share data easily. Foldr is being created by founders experienced in creating B2B and B2C products.

Founding Team

Hitesh Thakkar

Hitesh Thakkar


5+ years of building and running a B2B start up in the HRTech domain. Ex-JP Morgan and Ex-Samsung. IIM A and VJTI alumnus.

Namita Gad

Namita Gad


Chartered Accountant and the founder of startup advisory firm, Namita Gad & Associates. Ex-CFO of a B2B start up in the HRTech domain.